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About me

My name is Andrey Lebedev.

I was born in 1979 in Kedainiai − small town located in the middle of Lithuania.

After finishing High School in 1997 I attended Vilnius University, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, and graduated in 2001 with the degree of Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science.

From 2001 until 2007 I worked at UAB Mikromarketingas, a Lithuanian IT company located in Vilnius, as the software developer.

From 2007 until now I work at UAB InformacinÄ— Raida as a senior software engineer.

Areas of my profesional expertise includes web-based software development, PHP, Python, relational databases.

Brainbench certificates

I obtained these certificates a long time ago, when brainbench was a free service. Unfortunately, its no longer free, so I can't update them. Anyway, here are my best achievements:

Programming Concepts Python 2.4 HTML 4.0 Computer Fundamentals (Win95/98) Linux Administration (General)

I have some other certificates, but I didn't score high enough to be especially proud :-). Visit my brainbench transcripts to review them.

Contact me

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